A little about who we are

We have a unique history of making cool things

Sisu Devices was founded by Marc Christenson and Russell Aldridge in 2010.  Quite simply, they wanted to do what they love: create incredible electro-mechanical machines and build a company that would bless the lives of its customers and employees.

Since those humble days in the garage, Sisu has grown to employ incredibly talented people from Utah, Nebraska, Colorado, California, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Vietnam, the Virgin Islands, Liberia, Puerto Rico, and yes… the great state of Texas.  Folks that work at Sisu are machinists, assembly technicians, and engineers in the fields of mechanical, electrical, software, and manufacturing.

Great machines have been built for companies large and small throughout the United States and around the world.  Whether it’s an off-the-wall, robotic trade show demo to showcase a new board or chip, or a machine for manufacturing and test, Sisu engineers take challenging ideas and turn them into reality.

Sisu is located in Austin, Texas and is an alliance partner with National Instruments.



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