Industrial Trade Show Demos

Sisu Devices takes your product or service and blends it with an iconic element of pop culture to create a stunning, interactive demo. Our demos are technically challenging, beautifully designed, and draw thousands of people into a trade show booth in a single day.

Cisco – Slot Car

Slot cars race across the Golden Gate Bridge in this demo that integrates industrial sensors, motion, and vision with a visualization of Cisco’s Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) advantages.

Intel – Pipe Dream

To show the power and versatility of the Intel Atom Processor, Sisu created in real life the animated music sensation “Pipe Dream” by Animusic. This demo traveled the globe and was a hit at Embedded World in Germany, Intel Developer Conference, Maker Faire, and many other trade shows.

Boy Scouts of America – Robo-Knot

Tying knots is hard. Teaching a robot to tie knots is even more difficult. This demo ties a variety of knots for conference attendees. A second mode allows the user to control each robot and activate grippers by articulating his hands and pinching his fingers.

Kollmorgen – Servo Boxing

The classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, brought to life with the power of Kollmorgen servo motors, have been a hit at many trade shows. Life-size robots controlled by two users box each other. This demo showcases customer products including servo motors, gear heads, direct drive motors, and the Kollmorgen controller.

National Instruments – Flying Nerf Dart Board

Faces light up when a shooter gets a bullseye every time. The Nerf Dart demo uses high speed cameras and lightning fast servo motors to move the target into the path of a flying dart. This demo first appeared in the NIWeek Keynote in front of 3000 people to introduce new products. It continues to travel the globe showcasing NI’s capabilities.

Kollmorgen – Servo Tennis

Almost everyone remembers PONG, the computer tennis video game developed in 1972, and the first game ever developed by Atari Incorporated. The ball bounces off movable “rackets” just like those black and white screens of yesteryear. This time, however, the ball is controlled by cables that wind around servo motors.

Brain Chase – Buried Treasure

Every year, Sisu Devices builds a real mechanical treasure for Brain Chase, an online summer learning program for children. The treasure is buried somewhere in the world, waiting for a smart, hard-working kid to find and unearth it. These treasures showcase our strengths in mechanical design and precision machining.

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