Brain Chase – Buried Treasure

Building Buried Treasure

Brain Chase is an amazing online summer learning program for kids. Six weeks of reading, science, and math are perfectly blended into a series of animated episodes that take children on a virtual, global treasure hunt.

Every year, Brain Chase buries a real treasure in a far corner of the world where it waits for a smart, hard-working kid to solve riddles and find its location — and Sisu gets to make the treasure.

2014 – The Globe of Magellan

Gold-plated continents on this globe must be pressed in the correct order to activate a secret compartment. The route of Magellan is the secret to finding the key.

Wooden handles on the globe wind the mechanism.

2015 – The Sunstone of Cortés

This gold-plated ancient calendar features concentric geared rings, secret buttons, and a hidden compartment that rises out of the center.

Brain Chase CEO Allan Staker called it “an artifact right out of Indiana Jones or National Treasure.”

2016 – The Mask of Tomoe Gozen

This mask is a life-sized, machine-tooled, gold-plated samurai helmet that hides a secret compartment.

The treasure-seeker must crack the combination lock on top, then turn the emblem on the forehead to unlock the secret.

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