National Instruments – Semiconductor Test System

National Instruments is a premier test and measurement company that has created precision electronic instruments for bench-top or rack mount use for more than 30 years. The semiconductor market, however, often requires that testers be lifted up in the air, inverted, and then plugged into the top of chip feeders or wafer testers (known as probers).

Could NI equipment, without modification, be wrapped in a box sturdy enough to be lifted, but bold and beautiful enough to not get lost in a sea of existing competitors? NI asked Sisu to find an answer to that question.

Sisu worked to identify and solve thermal, mechanical, and industrial design challenges to bring prototype and then production systems to market. The result is the line of Semiconductor Test Systems or STS. The original prototype was designed, fabricated, and delivered in just 3 months. Future iterations resulted in a product family of three sizes: T1, T2, and T4.

The STS stands as a great example of collaborative product development with a major industry partner. See the launch announcement during the NIWeek 2014 Keynote.

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