A few standard products we dreamed up while building custom machines

4-axis Stepper Motor Interface Module for NI CompactRIO – $999

  • Create high-density CompactRIO control systems with 4 motion axes per module
  • Achieve synchronized control on all axes using full integration with NI LabVIEW SoftMotion
  • Low-cost RJ45 connectivity and breakout
  • Outputs per axis: step, direction, enable
  • Inputs per axis: forward limit, reverse limit, drive fault
  • Customizable FPGA code for advanced applications

Ask us about custom FPGA programming.

Call to order: +1-512-377-6075


RJ45 Breakout for SISU-1004 – $39

  • General purpose breakout of any RJ45 cable
  • Simplifies wiring of the SISU-1004
  • Terminals for drive and limits
  • Solder points for additional connectivity
  • Shielded

Call to order: +1-512-377-6075


RJ45 Cable for SISU-1004 – $8

  • Connect SISU-1004 to breakout or drive
  • RJ45 Connectivity (shielded)
  • Shielded

Call to order: +1-512-377-6075


Lift Kit for NI STS Cable Interface Board Frame – Call for Pricing

  • Easy lifting of CIB frame for cable access
  • Ideal for high cable count applications
  • Attaches to top plate of all STS models using docking plate holes
  • Can be used in any orientation
  • Graduated markers to facilitate even lifting

*Includes modified CIB frame

Call to order: +1-512-377-6075


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