Brain Chase – The Globe of Magellan

Brain Chase is one of the most amazing online summer learning programs available for kids. It is the winner of the “Mom’s Choice Award” and has been touted extensively by none other than the New York Times.

Six weeks of reading, science, and math are perfectly blended into a series of animated episodes that take children on a virtual, global treasure hunt. What is not virtual, however, is the treasure. Brain Chase buries a real treasure in a far corner of the world where it waits for a smart, hard working kid to solve the riddles and find its location. And Sisu gets to make the treasure.

For the first year of Brain Chase (2014), this treasure was the Globe of Magellan. Gold-plated continents on the globe must be pressed in the correct order to activate a secret compartment. This compartment holds a key which accesses a safety deposit box containing the $10,000 grand prize.

Wooden handles on the globe wind the mechanism. The route of Magellan is the secret to finding the key. How does it work? See the video.

In April of 2014, The Globe of Magellan was buried under a rose bush in the tiny town of Llivia Spain. Llivia is a Spanish enclave located entirely within France. At the end of the summer, two boys from Austin, Texas had solved the clues and found the treasure. Here is their story.

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