Kollmorgen – Servo Boxing

The Servo Boxing demo is a fun, engaging display of Kollmorgen motor and motor control products. It is based on the classic Rock ʼEm Sock ʼEm Robots game designed by Marvin Glass and Associates in 1964.

Kollmorgen approached Sisu Devices with the challenge to create a crowd-gathering demo for the PACK EXPO 2013 tradeshow in Las Vegas. Sisu generated the concept, designed, and built this machine in only a few months to meet the deadline. The demo incorporates a vast number of products from Kollmorgen, including 12 sets of servo motors and drives.

In gameplay, users press console buttons and use a 3-axis joystick to maneuver and punch their opponent. The first user to deliver three solid punches to the head wins and knocks their opponentʼs block off, simulated by using a Kollmorgen linear actuator to raise the head.

To move the almost 200 lb (91 kg) heavyweight champion robots around, four heavy duty Kollmorgen R4 actuators set up in a dual gantry configuration smoothly jog the robots according to joystick inputs. Left-to-right twist motion of the robots allows users to come in at various angles to deliver punches and block. Most machined parts were produced using our in-house CNC machine shop.

Overall, the demo was a hit at PACK EXPO 2013 and will continue to be featured in future trade shows.

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