Robots and Industrial Automation

Companies must automate to stay competitive.  We specialize in high-tech, precision applications of robots and industrial automation.  Closing the loop with force feedback, machine vision, or laser distance profiling is important for applications in grinding, assembly, inspection, and material handling.

Grinding with Force Feedback

Many applications require the robot to feel its way.  We have integrated robots in grinding applications where position and force must be controlled via input from a multi-axis load cell.


Proper assembly requires precise motion and high repeatability. A successful assembly robot often requires force feedback or integration of shaker tables. Sisu has the experience to bring these processes together to create a precision robot assembly cell.


Robots are excellent tools for inspection. Combined with contact or non-contact sensors, they take the guess work out of quality control. We combine our machine vision experience, laser inspection equipment expertise, and robot programming talent to automate the inspection process.

Material Handling

Moving parts is not always easy. Parts must be dispensed, identified, rotated, gripped, accelerated, and placed. Each of these has its own challenges, especially when they must all be done with speed and precision.

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