Building Custom Machines that Inspire

Taking ideas from concept to creation... all under one roof

Creating a machine that no one thought was possible is a lot of fun.  Seeing it bring 2000 people per day into a trade show booth is exhilarating.  

When most companies approach Sisu, they don’t know exactly what they want to create.  How do you get thousands of people excited about a new product?  How do you automate a delicate process that has been done by hand for thousands of years?  Call Sisu.

Sisu is a rare blend of talented and capable people who go above and beyond to find out-of-the-box solutions and exceed customer expectations.  What sets it apart from other design firms is the half of the building that is full of machinists, technicians, and the latest CNC milling equipment.

This means extensive collaboration, quick-turn parts, fast product development, and the creation of machines that truly inspire.

Click on the disciplines below to learn more about Sisu’s capabilities.

Professional Services

Product Development

Great products, industrial machines, and tradeshow demos

NI STS Modifications

Third party instrument integration for National Instruments Semiconductor Test System

Precision Machining

In-house milling and turning for Sisu projects and general purpose machining

Mechanical Engineering

Machine design and analysis including finite element, heat transfer, and fluid flow

Electrical Engineering

Design of industrial panels, schematics, and circuit boards

Software Development

Programming for robotic and industrial machines, hardware drivers, and test programs

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