NI STS Modifications

Third-party Instrument Integration for National Instruments Semiconductor Test System

The award-winning National Instruments Semiconductor Test System (STS) is highly configurable and versatile right out of the box. There are times, however, when a new bracket or test head modification is required to add a light source or new instrument. That’s when Sisu can help.

As a key partner in the successful design and creation of the NI STS T1, T2, and T4, Sisu is the first and best option for STS mechanical questions and modifications.

Here are just a few examples of changes we have made to customer systems.

Accessories in Chassis Bay

Mounting brackets can be added to any chassis bay to create a surface for panel mountable equipment like ethernet switches, power supplies, USB hubs, and more.

Side Cart

Sometimes even a T4 isn’t big enough. A side cart can be added to increase the rack-mount space by 4U. The unit hinges for instrument access. This is particularly useful for additional power supplies.

Top Plate Strain Relief

For applications with extensive cabling, Sisu has added a strain relief rail to the underside of the top plate. This allows both ribbon and round cables to be secured with ZIP ties to take the strain off board connectors.

CIB Lift

For cable interface boards (CIB) with high density cable load, Sisu offers a custom lift system as a replacement for the stock hinged frame. This reduces cable volume inside the test head since all cables raise the same amount as the CIB frame is evenly lifted.

Additional Power

For applications requiring power levels above the standard offerings of single-phase 220, Sisu has created modified systems with three-phase power. These modifications include upgrades to wiring and circuit protection.

Centralized Light Source

Integrating a light source directly inside the test head is useful for testing image sensors. The system shown raises and lowers the entire light source system to dock with the pogo board. Sections are removable to create varying distance between source and sensor. The iris is motorized and can be controlled through software.

FlexRIO Cooling

For customers who want to add high power instruments or cards above the PXI chassis, Sisu has added internal fans which exhaust directly through the side panels. This is particularly useful for cooling FlexRIO or custom boards.

Height Change

The “extruded” design of the STS allows the height to be changed for applications requiring additional room for cabling or internal instruments. Side panel exhaust openings have also been widened for applications requiring greater cooling.

Integrated Docking and Alignment

To eliminate the need for a bolt-on docking plate, Sisu can integrate a “Micro P-Dock” system into the top plate of the test head. Gross alignment brackets are placed at any two corners of the system.

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